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Why consign with us?

Our experienced team of salesmen work together to sell your Memorabilia.

The Memorabilia Experience seeks to consign and sell pieces that fit our niche, which are of excellent or superior quality at a fair market retail value. Our excellent reputation has been built on this commitment. Consigning your Memorabilia with The Memorabilia Experience Place is your opportunity to take advantage of our experience and dedication.

Through our high traffic web site
Market Evaluation
We can assess your Memorabilia's current market value free of charge
Service Contracts
How long will it take to sell my car?
70% of cars sell within 90 days

What percentage do you take?
The Memorabilia Experience works on a flat net figure where you agree on a fixed net amount you will receive upon the sale of your Memorabilia.

How do I know what my Memorabilia is worth?
Our expert staff will give you a no obligation, personalized Assessment.

The Memorabilia Experience offers comprehensive services allowing you to sell your Memorabilia through our network of clients, collectors, investors. We can handle the process from start to finish, with a complete marketing strategy, all the shipping and logistics.
The entire process is specifically tailored for your car in order to meet your exact goals; contact Monica Tranter to find out more.

Monica@thememorabiliaexperience.com or by phone at (705) 726 7399