1973 Niki Lauda race used gloves SIGNED by Niki.
Lauda became a racing driver despite his family's disapproval. After starting out with a Mini, Lauda moved on into Formula Vee, as was normal in Central Europe, but rapidly moved up to drive in private 1967 LeMans representing Guichet in Ferrarri 330P3/4 by Alfredo de la Maria. (99x81). Exceptional pieces of Memorabilia!
The Stig!! ex-Michael Schumacher race shoes (Alpinestars) signed, dated with the mention "1.10.7" which is the lap time Schumacher achieved while driving his famous Ferrari FXX. 1984 Ayrton Senna original Toleman helmet. This is the MUST HAVE Original 1984 Toleman race worn helmet of Aryton Senna, worn throughout his 1984 race season and into 1985. A 1980 shnell painted by Sid Brazil bell race helmet. 2014 Formula 1 Showcar Display Classic Design. 2013 Fernando Alonso racing suit used in Australia where Alonso reached 2nd place and China where he arrived first.